We, Gustora.

Gustora is a joint venture promoted by the Indian group Goyal and the Italian pasta factory Rustichella D’Abruzzo. The two entities, in synergy since 2013, produce together a superior quality pasta for the Indian market, a pasta made with 100% Durum Wheat Semolina.

We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as pioneers of the artisanal way of producing pasta in India thanks to the Italian expertise, which constantly follows the production process, from the choice of machinery (static cabins and bronze dies) to the drying of the pasta, which lasts 20+ hours.


We are Gustora.

We want to produce and deliver to the market the best product in our category, using top quality raw materials, strong marketing campaigns and investing in the creation of a qualified team of people who are truly devoted to the brand.

Our Vision is to be the leading producer of high quality pasta in India, following the true Italian production process.

Sustainability, integrity and commitment are our cornerstones, in order to achieve the best quality standard to satisfy our most loyal customers.

Our products are unique thanks to some aspects that are essential for us: quality of raw materials, machinery imported from Italy, the joint venture created with an Italian family that has been producing pasta since 1924, the pasta production process with a long drying process and the use of bronze dies.

Our greatest strength, what distinguishes us among our direct competitors, is ourItalianity. Italy is the largest producer of high quality pasta in the world, so being followed by a 100% Italian company on the market since 1924 is undoubtedly a plus that makes our brand reliable


What do We believe in?



    An Italian and Indian heart beats together. For Gustora, the cultural amalgamation symbolises growth and enrichment. We are at the meeting point between two different cultures, united to make a difference through our products.


    We want to share and spread the culture of pasta all over the world. Let's create a family of Pasta Lovers together, bonded seamlessly through taste and quality.


    We believe in people and their stories. We aim to promote happiness and the culture of eating well, exploring the flavours of healthy traditions and delicious life.