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Our love for pasta has led us to create a wide range of Gourmet products, including whole wheat and quinoa, which has made us the leading wholesale pasta retailer in India. We have also created a range of sauces to make your taste experience complete.
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Pasta cooking tips

Boiling water

Always cook pasta in a very large pan of salted, boiling water. If you don't give the pasta enough space to move in the pan, it will stick together- Italians say the water should be as salty as the sea to flavour the pasta.

No oil in water

There is no need to add oil to your pasta when cooking. It won't prevent it from sticking together, and will just end up down the drain.

Early drain

Don't cook the pasta all the way through in the water. Instead, drain it when it still has a little bite, then add to the sauce and continue cooking for a few minutes more until the pasta is cooked and has absorbed a little of the sauce.

Mixing tricks

In Italy, the pasta and sauce are always combined in the pan to ensure every piece of pasta is coated.

More flavour

When draining the pasta, make sure you save a cup of the pasta water. Then, when you add the pasta to the sauce, splash in a little of the water if it looks too dry. The starch in the water will help the sauce cling to the pasta.

Salt to perfection

The perfect ratio of salt to pasta to water is "10-100-1000". 10 to cook 100 grams of pasta in 1000 millimeters of water (1000 ml = 1 liter)

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