History of Pasta

A famous author once said, ‘If you do not know History, then you don’t know anything.’ and what better than knowing the ‘Past’ of our favorite ‘Pasta.’ ‘Pasta’, a late 19th century Italian word meaning ‘Paste’, a paste of flour and eggs or water, technically the ingredients that goes into making of Pasta. Marco Polo, a Venetian traveler, claimed in his book ‘The Travels of Marco Polo’ that Pasta was bought to Italy from China by him. Some say, Pasta has its roots from Sicily. However, the History of Pasta is not traceable for some reasons.From Italy, Pasta made its way to America. During the late 19th century when people from Spain, Italy settled in the States they bought with themselves their traditional food and since then Pasta , especially spaghettis has become a common food in the States.Just like Homo sapiens, Pasta also made its way through evolution, from just being a part of the Mediterranean to being a part of the entire world. Pasta may not have a clear history, but it is sure to create one.

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