Herb of the month – Basil

When you are the queen of your kitchen, a King will make it complete. Known as the ‘Royal Herb’ or rather ‘King of Herbs’, Basil is a culinary herb of our favorite ‘Mint’Family. A plant, although native to India, plays a major role in Italian cuisine. Different parts of the world use different variants of the plant Basil. Prerequisites to grow Basil indoors: Soil: Coarse soil that drains water well. Pot: Made of either clay, plastic or stone that drains water well i.e., should have holes at the bottom to allow drainage. Basil seeds: Basil seedlings are basically Fragile in nature. Preferred seeds over seedlings. How: Fill 3/4th of your pot with coarse soil.Dampen the soil and add seeds a few inches within the soil. Cover the seeds with soilMoisten the soil with a spray bottle and thin out the plant when there are at least two pairs of leaves above the soil. Benefits of Basil: For starters, it prevents the harmful effects of aging. Go on, grab all that basil to look all young.Reduces inflammation and swelling because of its soothing properties.Basil being rich in Vitamins helps as an antioxidant.Basil is also used as an ayurvedic medicine. An Italian saying “Where salt is good, so is Basil” and nothing like Basil to make your food a delicacy and divine at the same time. Make sure, just like salt there is also a place for Basil in your kitchen.

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